Subject Selector

Subject Selector

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Subject Selection can turn out to be one of your most important decisions affecting your future.

SafalHO's Subject Selector helps students choose from the Science to Humanities fields considering key aspects of a student's mental and Other Abilities matching them with your socio-economic backgrounds. Although it is advised to go for Robust Career Counseling using our Best in Class Psychogenetics Tests for the same. But we can always start from the immediate question. We will be happy to help you to choose the right plan, Feel free to chat or call us.

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. This is a Non Refundable fee in any circumstances

    2. We are just suggesting Subjects and not claiming or forcing anyone to choose a certain field, In no circumstances SafalHO or its partners should be penalised for any comments or suggestions provided by us.

    3. This is just a Stream or Subject Selector and will only cover this aspect, for any further queries further charges will apply accordingly.